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Make Reservations For Tables, Parties and Events

By Telephone - (021)6280 5688

To Reserve Seats:
We will gladly reserve seats for you and your group. Kindly let us know the exact number of people you will have in advance, 24 hours would be best, but we are flexible.
Provide the following: Name, Date, Time and Desired Location

If there are any issues or you need to cancel, please just call us (021)6280 5688 Please try not to be more than 20 min late, if so you may lose your table

Book a Private Party:
We strive to create a customized group dining, drinking and party experiences that combine great beers with foods that are made with fresh and local ingredients, cooked with creativity and passion. In the past we have successfully hosted the following style of events:

By Email -
By Phone - 139 1820 5170

30 - 100+ People
Birthday Parties:
30+ People
Company Mixers, Ice Breakers and Happy Hour:
200 - 500 People
Beer Festivals:
15+ People
Private Food and Beer Pairing:
150 - 300 People
Charity Events and Fund Raising:
10 - 50 People
Beer Tasting / Classes:

We’ve prepared a variety of menu’s and packages from which you can select the one that best suits your needs. If our packages aren’t quite what you’re looking for, we’ll be happy to customize a special menu for your event.


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