(021) 6280 5688

739 Ding Xi Lu

ChangNing. Shanghai  [map]

Tel: 6280 5688

Open Hours

Monday to Sunday 11am to 2am

This Belgian bar features the same fantastic beer menu featuring more than 70 imported bottled brews. They’re shipped in not just from Belgium but beer-loving nations around the world. We serve up draft Stella and Vedett in an atmosphere that feels sophisticated, yet relaxed and unpretentious. The high ceilings, exposed brick and candlelight give the place a certain sense of cool, but the big news here is that there’s a beer garden in an enclosed courtyard out back. It's a huge space with room for 50-100 people to stand around and enjoy the main pull of this spot: The beers.

  • Friendly Staff
    with a passion to serve you great beer
  • Draught Beer
    3 to 4 are always flowing – Stella, Maredasous, Vedett Extra White, Seasonal Brew
  • Al Fresco Drinking and Garden Area
    Located in a European Style Courtyard that is part of a monastery from the 1920s
  • Creative Park
    Loft South East Asian Restaurant, Creative Companies, Contemporary Gallery
  • Warm Atmosphere
    inspired by our beer drinking adventures around the world.
  • Lunch and Dinner
    Mixed styles that are inspired by beer and casual dinning - including Belgian Style Mussels, Waffles.
  • Wine and Spirits
    Great value, great quality for wines by the glass, cocktails and spirits as well