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After spending a little time in China we have all begun to realize that there is a real craving for local hangouts with great beers from around the world. Places that engage Beer Lovers to follow a passion to experience new beers and meet new friends. We set out to create such an environment inviting people to help us in our mission to enjoy better beers in China. We are on a hunt to find more like-minded people who are eager to join us on our journey to share in the opening of more “Damn Good Beers” here in China.

We are motivated by the fact that 1.3 billion people have been missing access to a selection of great beers and more importantly, a focus on Belgian Beer, the best beers in the world. So enough said, we took on the challenge to open a Belgian Beer Bar. On September 3 we sold our first cold Duvels to Jan, and Vincent and so the story began! KAIBA